Business Area
Business Consulting
Specialized Business Consulting
for Business Scale-Up
KSIF is a government authorized business consulting organization and
provides consulting for social businesses. Our consultants are registered in
the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency,
Seoul City, and Gyeonggi-do and provide in-depth diagnosis and
consulting services.
We support our startups strengthen their driving force for
sustainable growth and impact by improving their business strategy and
competitiveness through our services.
Business Consulting Methods
  • Business Diagnosis
    Analysis of market
    Analysis of internal
    /external resources
  • Establishing Business strategy
    and business model
    Short/mid/long term
    business strategies
    Designing products for
    each business model
  • Cost/profit
    Analysis of product
    cost and BEP.
    Establishing a
    price strategy
  • Business planning
    Business planning
    (financial goal
    and cash flow)

  • PR
    Sales Strategy
    and Planning