Welcome Message from CEO
Korea Social Investment Foundation(KSIF) focuses on the impact created by
the enterprises and sees the values pursued by the entrepreneurs and
companies of all forms and types of business.
KSIF aims to be a non-profit organization while pursuing the expertise of our
accelerators and investors as the top priority in order to best support the enterprises.
With this principle, we have provided investments and loans of KRW 64.3 billion(USD 50 thousand)
to more than 200 Korean enterprises and contributed to their business scale-up and growth of social impact.
KSIF will, in partnership with government agencies, corporations, and individuals,continue to raise investment funds
and to provide business consulting and accelerating services to the entrepreneurs and companies,
and further be the connecting link of the innovative enterprises’ value chain and the business platform in the ecosystem.
KSIF seeks to find innovative business solutions
and collaborate with the best partners.
We invite you to join in the KSIF’s journey on the pathway to the present and to the future.
Thank you!
CEO, Korea Social Investment Foundation, Jongik Lee 이종익 대표