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    Accelerating Investment Team 4
    Compound Finance Team
  • ESG Corporate Partnership Headquarters
    ESG Corporate Partnership Team
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(Seoul Branch) 401, 6, Donggyo-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03992, Republic of Korea
(IBK Changgong) 3F, IBK Industrial Bank, 114, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Gyeongsang Branch) 608, A, 97, Centum jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
(Jeolla Branch) 61, Hwatap-gil, Seji-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
(Jeju Branch) 3F, 25, Sanji-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
  • Jongik Lee
    CEO / CIO(Chief Investment Officer)

    (Korea Social Investment Foundation) – Representative Investment Manager and General Project Manager
    Ministry of SMEs & Startups, Ministry of Employment & Labor, Seoul City, and Gyeonggi-do – Business Consultant (Top-class)
    Korea Financial Industry Foundation – Director
    KOTRA Social Value Committee – Committee Member
    Ewha Womans University ESG Committee – Committee Member
    Hwaseong City Fund Review Committee – Vice Chairperson
    Seoul/Daejeon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Venture Business Association, and Seoul Startup Hub – Jury
    National Sports Corporation ESG Committee – Committee Member
    Ministry of Employment and Labor, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment – Consultant
    Former Deloitte Anjin LLC Korea – Partner & Consultant (2000-2016), Unilever, P&G (1990-2000)
  • Soonyeol Lee
    CEO / CSIO(Chief Social Impact Officer)

    (Korea Social Investment Foundation) – Head of Global/Accelerating/CSR Project
    Startup Didimteo – Accelerator
    Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Gyeonggi-do – Business Consultant (First-class)
    Institute for Global Development (ReDI) – Research evaluation team Team Lead
    Save the Children Korea and Nanum International
    Global Vision and International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • Hyemi Lee
    CCO (Chief Communication Officer) / Director

    (Korea Social Investment Foundation) – Head of Promotion and Communication
    Operation of startup PR service 'Dahong' (in charge of startup branding/public relations consulting and education)
    Jury/Advisory Committee Member – Seoul Social and Economic Support Center, Seoul Start-up Stepping Center
    Author of <CSR, Meet 2030>
    Former Journalist – Bridge Economy, CEO Score Daily
Board of Directors
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Byungju Choi (Born 1956)

    Date of Take-Office: Aug. 9, 2019

    Representative Accountant, Tax Accounting Firm Cheongdam

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, India Vision Academy

    Chairman of the Board of Directos, Red School

    Chairman, Bundang Area Tax Accountant Association

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Seongnam Good Foundation

    Chairman, Industry, Government, and Academy Cooperation Committee

    Member of the Board of Directors, Global Village Love Share

  • Director Hyunsik Jang (Born 1956)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 29, 2017

    Invited Professor, Dept. of International Trade, Gangwon Univ.

    Director, Incheon International Development Cooperation Center, Incheon Univ.

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Family KOICA Foundation

    Policy Advisory Member, Ministry of Gender Equality & Family

    Policy Advisory Member, Ministry of Government Administration & Home Affairs

    Member, Forest Future Platform, Korea Forest Service

  • Director Hosun Han (Born 1963)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 29, 2017

    Representative Partner, DH & Company

    Advisor, Car 123 - Jasper Co., Ltd.

    Director, NPO IT Support Center

    Representative Director, Ucess Partners

  • Director Ranhee Park (Born in 1975)

    Date of Take-Office: Apr. 30, 2018

    Representative, The Publicar

    Member of the Board of Directors, Better Future, Public Section of ChosunIlbo

  • Director Hyunggu Moon (Born in 1954)

    Date of Take-Office: Feb. 22, 2019

    Chairman, Korean Association of Nonprofit Organization research

    Professor of Business Administration, Korea Univ.

    Member of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman, Community Chest Korea

    Member of the Board of Directors, UNGC Korea

  • Director Geunsoo Seo (Born in 1969)

    Date of Take-Office: Feb. 22, 2019

    Chairman, Korea Employee Stockholders Associations Union

    Joint Representative, Fair Trade Restore National Campaign Headquarters

  • Director Younggon Yoon (Born in 1961)

    Date of Take-Office: Feb. 22, 2019

    Member of the Board of Directors, Japan-Asia Economic Culture Institute

    Representative Director, G BizLab (Australia)

    Nation Coordinator, Australian Ministry of Industry & Resources

    Director, Institute for International Commerce Research, Ministry of Industry

    Director, Corporate Growth Support Center, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • Director Kyungho Lee (Born in 1974)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 24, 2019

    Representative Lawyer, Law Firm Deoham

    Adjunct Professor, Law School, Seoul National Univ./Yonsei Univ.

    Member, Social Economy Committee, Seoul City

    Auditor, Daum Foundation

    Auditor, KAKAO Impact Foundation

  • Director Soonyeol Lee (Born in 1978)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 24, 2019

    Director, Impact Consulting Business Headquarters, Korea Social Investment Foundation

    Lecturer, KOICA ODA Education Center

    Research Evaluation Team Leader, ReDI(Re-shaping Development Institute)

    ILO Programme Officer/Consultant

    Researcher, Save the Children Korea

  • Director Sangcheol Ji (Born in 1964)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 29, 2020

    Professor of Korea Univ. Director of the Startup Support Center

    Chairman of Korea FinTech Research Association, Social Venture Korea

    CEO, Dotsmobile Co., Ltd.

    CEO, FOURM Data Co., Ltd.

    Adjunct Professor of Computer Software, Bucheon Univ.

    Associate Director, Startup Leaders College, Sungshin Women’s University

  • Director Hanggi Park (Born in 1969)

    Date of Take-Office: Apr. 30, 2021

    Representative Director, CBO, Metabranding

    Vice Chairman, Brand Design Association of Korea

    Planning Director, Korea Trademark & Design Association

    Appointed Member by President, Presidential Council on Nation Branding

    Member, Seoul Branding Committee

    Representative, Marketing Community < Marketing Republic >

    Outside Director of Marketing, Neungryul Education

  • Director Hwaseong Jeon (Born in 1976)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 16, 2021

    Representative, CNT Tech Co., Ltd.

    Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Management of Technology, Sogang Univ.

    Visiting Professor, Startup CEO Course, Dongguk Univ.

    Member of the Board of Directors, Korea Business Angels Association

    Former Adjunct Professor, Startup Management School, Chung-Ang University

    Former Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Information & Knowledge, Dankook University

  • Director Hyemi Lee (Born in 1989)

    Date of Take-Office: Aug. 3, 2022

    Jury/Advisory Committee Member – Seoul Social and Economic Support Center, Seoul Start-up Stepping Center

    Author of <CSR, Meet 2030>

    Former Journalist – Bridge Economy, CEO Score Daily

  • Auditor Soojae Jang (Born in 1974)

    Date of Take-Office: Nov. 13, 2017

    Executive Director, Audit Headquarters, Anjin Accounting Firm

    Multiple CATV System Operators Renewal Prior Consent Reviewer

    Lecturer of Accounting Audit, Baekseok Arts University

External Expert
  • External Expert, Jun-hwan Kim

    Vice President of AON INVESTMENT

    Vice President of Bigbang Angels

    CEO of Synergy Act Investment

Advisory Board
Name Position Career
Minjung Kang Associate Professor of Social Innovation Management
Hallym University

Bachelor, Sociology, Seoul University

Ph. D, Technology and Innovation Management, University of Edinburgh

Former Research Associate Prof. Management School, KAIST

Former Researcher, Korea Information Society Development Institute

Former Department Head, SK Telecommunication

Dongheon Kim Representative Director
Epitus Consulting

Bachelor of Business Administration, Yonsei University

MBA, Wharton School

Former CPA, Samil Accounting Firm

Former Senior Manager, PWC Consulting

Former Director of Strategy/Marketing, LG CNS

Jungheon Seo Representative Director
SP Partners Co., Ltd.

Master of Foreign Language Education, Seoul University

Ph. D in Business Administration, Soongsil University

Former Director of Small Business Development Center, Small and Medium Business Administration

Former Joint Representative, Sewoon Net Co., Ltd.

Yonghwan Jung Director
Korea Software Globalization Institute

Bachelor in Physics, Seoul University

Former Representative, Imprimis Technology Korea

Former Country Manager, Seagate Technology Korea

Former Representative Director, Intel Korea

Hosun Han Advisor
Car123 - Jasper Co., Ltd.

Bachelor of Education, Korea University

Ph. D Course in MIS, Konkuk University

Former Senior Dept. Head of BPO, LG CNS

Former Representative Director, Ucess Partners

Former Director, NPO IT Support Center

Yeeun Choi Director
Nanuhm Angels

Master of Psychology Consultation, Dankook University

Recipient of 2016 Commendation of Minister of Education

Former Director of Center, CNT tech Co., Ltd.

Former General Manager, Startup/Venture Support Program, Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship/Korea Venture Business Association

Former General manager, K-global Accelerating, National IT Promotion Agency Industry Promotion Agency

Sanghak Lee Vice Chairman
GoVenture Forum

Representative, Daedong T&S

Member of the Board of Directors, GoVenture Partners Co., Ltd.

Auditor, Korea Business Angels Association

Director, Youth Startup Dream Space, Seoul City

Investment Special Member, Youth Startup Forum, Seoul City

Member of the Board of Directors, Spark Corporation

Lecture at Seoul Nat’l Univ. of S & T/Yonsei Univ./Seoul Women’s Univ.

Sungyoon Kim Representative Patent Attorney
Patent Firm Olim

Lectures on corporate IP strategy, patent infringing , trademark and Branding, copyright protection, government support to patent area, prior examination of patent & trademark, patent strategy of startups, startup and intellectual property rights.

Former patent attorney, Electronics Team Leader, Hanmir Patent Firm

Former Patent Attorney, IT Team, Patent Firm Nam & Nam

Former Patent Attorney, Electronics Team, Patent Firm KBK

Yeonjoon Kim General Affairs Manager
AAI Angel Investment Club

Venture Technology, Konkuk Univ. (Ph. D in Management Engineering)

e-Business, Management School, Kyunghh U. (MBA)

Former Public BI Headquarters, KCC IT Co., Ltd.

Former Management Director, Management Office, Handring Mall

Former Financial SW Development Dept. Head, Riup Co., Ltd.

Former R&D Team Leader, Il FinTech Co., Ltd.

Former Consulting Business Representative, Kiko Data

Lansoo Jung Adjunct Professor
Dept. of Tourism,
Hanyang Univ. Representative
Alternative Tourism Consulting Project Soo

Master of Tourism, Hanyang Univ.

Member of the Board of Directors, Institute for New Society

Research Office Leader, Korea Tourism Development Institute

Member, Tourism Industry Forum, Korea Tourism Association

Yongbin Kim Director
Development Marketing Institute
Adjunct Professor
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Adjunct Professor, International School, Kyunghee Univ.

Former Dept. Head, Overseas Team, Plant Headquarters, GS Construction

Former Section Head, Machine Plant Headquarters, Samsung C&T Corporation

Former Interpretation Army Officer, Angola UN Peacekeepers

Hasik Ji Representative, Ji Ha-sik Tax & Accounting Office

Representative, Ji Ha-sik Tax & Accounting Office (2001- now)

Tax & Accounting Lecturer, Korea Productivity Center (2006- now)

Tax Counselor and Tax & Accounting Lecturer, Seoul Chamber of Commerce (2002- now)

Management Support Member and Lecturer, Trust Guarantee Funds (2003- now)

Tax Law Lecturer, Korea Advancing Schools Foundation (2017- now)

Advisory Tax Accountant, Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation (2016- now)

Advisory Tax Accountant, Seoil Univ. (2017- now)

Tax Law Lecturer, Seoul Business Agency (2004- now)

Adult Guardian Supervisory Member, Seoul Family Court (2017- now)

Auditor, Social Solidarity Bank (2021- now)