Business Area
CSR/ESG Corporate Partnership
New Paradigm using
Impact Finance and ESG,
CSR/ESG Corporate Partnership
To help the Domestic corporates and public enterprises create the social impacts in conformity with each enterprise’s vision of social contribution, KSIF establishes the strategy of the whole project procedures and implements them together with the enterprises. As a strategic partner and an implementor of corporate social contributions, KSIF suggests new viewpoints and directions and evaluates the social value as an outcome of the implementation KSIF provides consulting services and implements CSR/CSV projects of whole new paradigm through Impact Finance and ESG.
  • csr/esg

    Social Impact Project

    KSIF plans and operates such projects that
    various parties concerned meet and
    create social impact.
  • csr/esg

    Systematic Customized Project

    For the development of programs conforming to
    each enterprise’s vision and state of social contributions,
    KSIF coordinates the whole procedures from
    consulting to implementation, PR,
    and follow-up management.
  • csr/esg

    Investment in Impact Businesses

    KSIF suggests purpose-fitting methods for
    investment and financing.
    By means of value assessment and
    relationship management based on
    social impact, KSIF supports investees to
    achieve their financial and social impact growth.
Strategy Collection Process for the CSR/ESG Corporate Partnership
  • Fundamental
  • Suggestion
    CSR/CSV Strategy
  • PR
  • Project
  • Social Impact
  • Report,
Portfolio of the CSR/ESG Corporate Partnership