Welcome to the Foundation
Specialized Impact Business Partner
for Sustaining Growth
Korea Social Investment Foundation (KSIF) is an impact
investment corporation and an accelerator established in
2012 that provides investment, business consultation,
and accelerating to all business organizations contributing to
making a better world.
KSIF will make a better world together with all business
organizations solving social issues
We support businesses that
make a better world.
Specialized Impact
Business Partner for
Sustaining Growth
Business philosophy
  • Business
    We provide investment and professional management support to growth companies with growth potential and sustainability that can expand impact.
  • Expertise and
    Mutual respect
    We believe in partner expertise and mutual respect as important values
  • Collaboration and
    As the only independent private non-profit impact investment company/accelerator in Korea, we are trusted by all stakeholders by linking government, public institutions, and private resources and providing the highest quality services based on cooperation.