Business Area
Investment for Solving
Social Issues
KSIF makes various types of funds with corporate, public,
and individual impact investors to provide combined financial supports
(investment and loan) to such social impact companies
solving social problems with innovative business models.
Follow-Up Services and
Connection to Resources
KSIF establishes and operates social financing model of which the structure
generates a virtuous cycle spreading social impact, by reinvesting the
collected investments and profits to other social ventures.
사후관리 및 자원연계
and Investment
  • Monitoring (social impact, outcome)
  • Connection to sequential investments
  • Support to Extra Financing
  • Expert Mentoring, Business & IR Consulting, PR Support
  • Resources Connection with Partner Institutions
    (investment attraction, space, credit guarantee recommendation, global market immersion, etc.)
Operational Structure and
Investment Targets
Classification Finances Investment Type Target
Impact Finance Investment CRS/CSV fund and direct investment Equity Investment
Mezzanine (CB)
Project Financing (PF)
Social Enterprises
and Startups
Private Investment Fund
Venture Capital Fund
Financing Korea Inclusive Finance Agency Low interest loan for
Social Enterprises
Seoul Social Investment Fund
CRS/CSV fund and direct investment (matching)

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  • Investment
  • Hana ESG Double Impact Matching Fund / Hana Financial Group

  • KEPCO Impact Investment for Energy Field Social Enterprises / KEPCO

  • KSIF-Rehoboth Impact Private Investment Fund No. 1

  • KSIF Youth Impact Private Investment Fund No. 2

  • KSIF Green Impact Private Investment Fund No. 3

  • KSIF Medical Impact Private Investment Fund No. 4

  • KSIF Agriculture Impact Private Investment Fund No. 5

  • KSIF ESG Impact Private Investment Fund No. 6

  • Financing (Loan)
  • KSIF Impact Finance Program (Seoul Social Investment Fund)/ Seoul City

  • KSIF Impact Finance Program (Korea Inclusive Finance Agency)/ Korea Inclusive Finance Agency

  • Social Housing (Social Housing) Financing Program / Seoul City

  • Impact Factory Financing Program / Seoul City, Korea Inclusive Finance Agency